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calculate what amount of soda is lethal

If concentration of caffein in the brand of soda is 2.77 mg/oz, what amount of soda will be lethal for a person?

Can - 12 oz

Lethal dose of a caffeine - 10 grams
asked Aug 3, 2017 in Chemistry by Sam

1 Answer

So, let's calculate how many caffeine is there in one can:

2.77mg caffeine / 1oz

12oz / 1can

(2.77mg caffeine / 1oz) * (12oz / 1can) = 33.24mg caffeine per can.

If Lethal dose is 10.0g caffeine = 10,000mg caffeine


(10,000mg caffeine) * (1can / 33.24mg caffeine) = 300.84 cans.

You need approximately 301 cans to drink to die from soda.
answered Aug 3, 2017 by quickwriter (2,510 points)