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Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) must be written to an academic audience. It is a document representing your accomplishments both academically and intellectually. Therefore it’s vital to employ a professional CV writing service you can trust, such as Our online CV writers pay attention to detail, which is exactly what you need.

While both resumes and CVs contain some of the same information, a CV is generally much more detail-oriented and lengthier than a resume. A CV should never be shortened or summarized. Potential employers are looking for detail and it should all be included for them to see. While it is assumed a resume is between 1 and 3 pages long, a CV could be 20 pages long or more.

Essential Elements of a Professional CV

One of our expert writers will ensure your CV includes pertinent information such as:

  • Certifications and professional licenses you have obtained
  • The academic or scientific research you have completed, lab experience and grants you have received
  • List of the relevant courses you have taken that are related to the career you are applying for or the academic objective you hope to achieve
  • Any type of publications you have authored, including papers, journal articles and books
  • Your exposure to international or cultural experiences, travel etc.
  • Association or professional memberships and related activities
  • If you have an advanced degree, the description of your thesis or dissertation should be included
  • Letters of recommendation, and your list of references
  • Any other information or professional development related to the purpose of the C.V.
  • For Resumes and CVs, Organization is Key

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When a prospective employer is going over your qualifications and reading through your resume or CV, remember they have a lot to read through. This means you need to give them the right information, and have it organized in such a way that they can find what they are looking for quickly. Everything you have included should fit together in a logical format and be easy to browse through.

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Having a clean copy that’s free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors is vital because your CV is a representation of your communication skills. Our professional CV writing service the knowledge and skills to write your resume or CV and format it in the style that’s the best for your application.

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