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It’s easy to hire someone to do your paper for you, but you’re involvement doesn’t have to begin and end with explaining the assignment. Wouldn’t you like to be able to approve the work as it develops? Wouldn’t you like to work with a writer one-on-one? Well, buying from QuickWriter.com, you get academic essays for sale that include just that. Allow us to elaborate on our offer.

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Your first consideration is your own involvement, so that you’re not left with something that is not to your liking. Your second consideration should be vetting the person who you’ll be working with. Our agency hires the best experts in crafting good academic essay copy. How do you know? You can have a look for yourself at our hiring process. It includes:

  • A CV: Everyone we hire has a resume that tells us they’ve been working in this field for a while. We need to see that they can deliver on time, and that their communication is reliable. We contact their references.
  • Writing sample: To prove they’re an expert, we request a written sample of their work complete with references and citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, or any format (in line with our promise that we can adhere to your assignment parameters). This helps us see that they’re good with academic essay editing as well.
  • Interview: We call each person individually. We want to hear their voices, and have an idea of how they carry themselves when interacting on the phone. You’ll be in touch via our messaging system, but if they pass our phone interview, their capabilities in e-mail will be vetted.

Even after we have a new hire, they must work up the chain in order to prove they can handle large projects like scholarly theses. An academic essay thesis is, after all, incredibly important.

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Our company is ready to receive your order. We have 24/7 customer support at your disposal. You get to choose the writer who works with you. This is a serious perk when it comes to the option to buy academic essays online. Another great perk is our freebies. Bibliography, title page, order tracking, etc.—all this and more comes free. Another perk is confidentiality guaranteed. We’re serious when it comes to protecting your information.

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