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  • Euclidean
    Euclidean is a mathematical system that is often attributed to the Greek mathematicians Euclid. The method uses a small number of intuitively appealing axioms, and then deduces other theorems from them. It’s one of the most fundamental areas of study.
  • Hyperbolic
    This method involves assuming every postulate of Euclid, apart from the fifth. This one is replaced by a negation, resulting in a graph mapped with a point and a line that results in at least two separate lines, parallel. When you order our services, you can rest assured that our team of academics will help you understand the method, show you where you went wrong and make amendments so that you can get the best grade.
  • Eliptical
    This non-Euclidean method uses a positive curvature in place of a parallel postulate. It’s a complicated mathematical method and our team have been using for years, and if you’re struggling, we can give you the assistance you need.
  • Technical
    Of course, our team can also assist you in the many other technical areas of geometry. This is a mathematic field that is extremely complex, and you can’t get better than our team when you’re struggling and need someone to ‘solve my geometry homework’.

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